Hot pools by boat...   The Manupirua Thermal Springs have been in use by Maori and locals since before 1849 over 167 years ago, and have been used on a commercial basis since 1914. The springs now feature an ever expanding quiver of pools with a range of temperatures, overlooking the ever-pristine Lake Rotoiti. The mineral baths are only accessible by boat, and as well as offering one of the most secluded and natural relaxation experiences out there, the thermal spring water is considered to have healing properties; especially of rheumatic conditions and joint pain. To get there go past the island you can see down the lake from the end of the jetty. Then follow the coastline to the left.

Hot pools by car...    The Waitangi Soda Springs at Rotoma have been upgraded. You get there by heading towards Whakatane for approx 10km. You will come to Manawahe Rd on your left. Head down Manawahe Rd for approx 1km and you will come to it on your left.

Bush walks...    DOC maintains Tracks at Okere Falls and Hongis Track at Hinehopu, with enjoyable walks through both. Also the drive into Okataina is well worth while, not only is it a beautiful drive in, but there are also dozens of tracks ranging in length from a few minutes to a day’s walk around the Lake to Tarawera and back. If you have a boat another good walk is from the logs at Logging Bay. Looking straight across the lake from the bach you will see the last of the houses. Thats Hinehopu. The first bay to the left which is totally bush is Logging Bay. Go right in there and you will see the remains of a logging ramp. Tie up there and follow the track that leads up the valley. Goes right to the top of the hill if your keen.

Golf Course...    Head towards Whakatane for approx 5km. You will come to the scenic Hinehopu 9 hole golf course on your left.

Trout fishing...    Lake Rotoiti is one of the gems of the Eastern Region fishery and produces very good fish often in excess of the magical 4.5kg mark. Trolling and harling over the weed beds provides anglers with some good sport when trout are feeding on the surface. In the early season try a Green Orbit fly, and later in the summer flies and lures predominantly yellow in colour work well. Jigging is also popular and effective. The northern shoreline of Rotoiti can produce good fish to the jig and deep trolled line or downrigger. Using a sounder, and a small yellow and green or grey jig, anglers may catch fish in excellent condition. Ruato Bay, and the Dump and Pipe at Hinehopu are productive for fly fishing in the winter. Try and fish the rip at the small streams with a floating or intermediate line and doll flies or night time patterns after dark. If angling pressure is heavy try moving well away from the crowd as this can often produce good results.

White water rafting...    The Kaituna river is the Rotoiti outlet. At 7 metres Tutea Falls is said to be the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall. This is one of three waterfalls amongst the 14 rapids on the Kaituna River. This was the site of the first hydro-electric power station to supply a township with power in New Zealand. This area was also the site of tribal wars of the past. Behind the waterfall are caves said to have been used for hiding women and children, and later the burial ground of Chief Tutea. The caves are now the homes of millions of glow worms.

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